Alwitra Evalon Single-Ply Flat Roof Membranes

Infinite Roofing highly recommends the Alwitra Evalon single-ply flat roof membranes. These high-quality synthetic systems are perfect for single-ply sealing. They contain a high percentage of high-polymeric solids, making the membrane especially elastic, homogenous and soft.

This waterproofing membrane is extremely stable and resistant to root penetration and common chemical loads. It is also bitumen compatible and perfectly suitable for direct application on any standard insulation materials and bituminous sheets.

With Alwitra Evalon, you can enjoy quick and easy handling, even with unconventional roof shapes. Long term reliability is guaranteed, along with high thermal and mechanical resistance. Ideal for cool roofs, you will also enjoy high heat-ray reflection.

Not only that; you are dealing with an environmentally certified product when you purchase the Alwitra Evalon for your roof. Infinite Roofing would be happy to supply and install the membrane for you.

Alwitra Evalon Single-Ply Flat roof membranes
Alwitra Evalon Single-Ply Flat roof
  • quick and easy handling even with unconventional roof shapes
  • long-term reliability through welding of homogeneous material
  • direct laying on any standardised bituminous sheets and insulation materials
  • high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • resistant to root and rhizome penetration according to FLL testing
  • unproblematic installation under wear layers
  • extremely low vapour diffusion resistance
  • high resistance to damaging radiation
  • high heat ray reflection – ideal for cool roofs
  • five times lower fire load compared to double ply waterproofing
  • comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) incl. life cycle assessment of the
  • individual waterproofing membrane systems and laying methods

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